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Screenshots: Reviews, Interviews and Otherwise, Circa 1989-92, Part One: Reviews


Forbidding and Subversive, Burton's Vision Captivates
Film Review
Batman. An action film. Starring Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton.
Directed by Tim Burton. Rated PG-13 for language, violence. At metro area

BYLINE: DOLLAR ,STEVE Steve Dollar Film Critic STAFF
DATE: June 23, 1989
PUBLICATION: The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution
EDITION: The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Movie review. Batman. An action film. Starring Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton. Directed by Tim Burton. Rated PG-13 for language, violence. At metro area theaters.

A winged descent into swirling banks of smog, industrial decay and unfettered psychosis, Tim Burton's "Batman" feels, at first take, about as welcoming as a detour through a Manhattan sewer. Or maybe a day trip to Dante's Inferno. Dank and grimy, the movie leaves a charcoal smudge on the mind's eye.

But what a smudge. Owing little to the jokey superheroics of the '60s television show, this revisionist "Batman" is thrilling in its subversive fusion of visionary set design and kinky sociopathology, special-effects wizardry and sophisticated wit. It's in love with its own musty Bat-scent.

Cloaked in Danny Elfman's dark, expressionistic score - which pinches spine-tingling grandeur from Hitchcock composer Bernard Herrmann - the movie takes its time in unfolding. Before it's anything else, "Batman" is a tour-de-force display of how to make inner-city rot look fascinating, exotic. The Gotham City conjured by production designer Anton Furst harks back to, among other sources, the haunted utopia of Fritz Lang's '20s silent classic "Metropolis," with its Babylonian towers and creeping shadows. Like such recent films as "Brazil" and "Blade Runner," the way "Batman" looks is the guiding, crucial element; its mordant nightscape suggests an urban dream that collapsed on itself and is now fit turf for vermin alone.

Which is where Jack Nicholson comes in. As The Joker, he's every inch a blithe psychopath, a bloodthirsty trickster who dispatches his enemies with an electroshock joy buzzer and an elbow-to-the-ribs aside. Mr. Nicholson, who's top-billed, is the movie's unpredictable Jack-in-the-Box, its imp of the perverse, its manic dramatic motor.

During an extensive opening sequence, we meet him as Jack Napier, aspiring cr ime boss, who gets momentarily snared in police crossfire when an industrial heist turns into a mob setup. Just as Napier's about to make his getaway, Batman (Michael Keaton) glides in from the girders and sends him plunging into a vat of churning industrial goo. Disfigured by the accident, which has left him with a permanent, outsized grin, this arch-felon adopts his new identity and launches an unprecedente d crime wave. He sabotages cosmetic products, causing their users to die painfully, their faces contorted by a demonic, Joker-style smile.

And Batman, who doubles as billionaire dude-about-town Bruce Wayne, has to stop him.

That's about all the plot there is to "Batman," which leans hard on film-noir atmospherics and sharp visual jokes to sustain what is an often sluggish, unfocused story line. It's Bruce Wayne, a Spandex Nosferatu welded into a muscle suit, versus The Joker, a plastic surgery disaster with the soul of a game-show host.

At its japing best, however, "Batman" doesn't need much of a narrative. Director Burton, who began his career as a Disney animator, brings his black-comic sensibility to bear in scene after scene, moments not so much stolen by Mr. Nicholson's Joker as made by him. It's the same role Mr. Keaton played as the title ghoul in Mr. Burton's "Beetlejuice," down to the green-and-purple wardrobe and toxic-looking pancake cosmetics.

Mr. Burton's peculiar brand of wit shines through in such memorable episodes as The Joker's trashing of Gotham's Fluegelheim Museum, in which he gaily prances through a hall defacing art masterpieces, Prince's sprightly "Partyman" blaring from a boombox, and declares, "I'm the world's first fully functional homicidal artist." When he arrives at a horrific canvas by British Expressionist painter Francis Bacon, however, he backs away. "I like this," The Joker announces, and dances on.

Mr. Keaton, an unpopular choice for Bat-fanatics eager to see a more heroic caped avenger, acquits himself well, given the limited range his Batman is allowed. Giving off the heebie-jeebies of an uptight bachelor, his Bruce Wayne persona engages in a touch-and-go romance with daredevil gal photographer Vicki Vale (Kim Basinger, ever imperiled) that screenwriter Sam Hamm never really develops. Doubtless, this Batman was a benevolent psychopath on paper - Dirty Harry in the year 2000. On f ilm, he's more suggestive of a yuppie-era coffee achiever w ho gets his jollies crunching evildoers with his Bat-gloved hands.

That's the only sense, really, in which "Batman" fails to follow through on its forboding promise. Were it truer to its cinematic roots in '40s film noir and '20s German Expressionism, Bruce Wayne would have a genuinely nasty streak - something to make him a mirror image of The Joker, and more darkly compelling to the sunshine-blond Vicki.

Eh. Producers Jon Peters and Peter Guber can fiddle with that next time. There's more than enough under "Batman's" cape to give you the willies and inspire some old-fashioned matinee wonder. You won't see anything else like it this year.

How To Get Ahead in Advertising

Trouble Boils in `How to Get Ahead in Advertising'

DATE: June 30, 1989
PUBLICATION: The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution
EDITION: The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Movie review. How to Get Ahead in Advertising. A black comedy. Starring Richard E. Grant and Rachel Ward. Directed by Bruce Robinson. Rated R for language. Garden Hills. How to Get Ahead in Advertising. A black comedy. Starring Richard E. Grant and Rachel Ward. Directed by Bruce Robinson. Rated R for language. Garden Hills.

By Steve Dollar Film Critic

With his sallow cheeks, ectomorphic frame and speed-freak delivery, Richard E. Grant is rapidly shaping up as Great Britain's answer to that Great American Schizo, James Woods.

He's younger, of course, and the actor's widow's peak brands him more as a frazzled intellectual than the social-climbing street sludge that is Mr. Woods's specialty. It's difficult, though, to imagine any other performer who can match him for sheer, nerve-rattling mania.

Or one who looks so smashingly splendid with a talking boil on his neck.

In Bruce Robinson's caustic satire "How to Get Ahead in Advertising," the boil is half the show: a psychosomatic sac of pus with a mind - and mouth - of its own.

Mr. Grant, last seen as the fey narcissist Withnail in Mr. Robinson's death-of-the-'60s comedy "Withnail & I," plays advertising wizard Dennis Bagley, a driven media manipulator "who's taken the stench out of everything but [excrement]" but now has to devise a scheme to sell pimple cream. He's stymied, and so directs his frustration in a torrent of mercenary invective aimed at his secretary, his colleagues, his dinner guests and his long-suffering, ever-gracious, utterly knockout wife, Juli a (Rachel Ward, who brings surprising gifts as a "straight man" to this absurdist psychodrama).

Bagley's so obsessed, he begins ridding the cabinets of commodities, fearful that the products' only value is in the clever lies that led consumers to buy them. He's buggy, no less so than Richard Dreyfuss trying to construct a space mountain in his living room in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

Beware the return of the repressed. Overnight, Bagley sprouts his own boil. It's a demon doppelganger, one that takes delight in haranguing this backsliding adman for his loss of faith in the profession. The boil converses in the soothing double-speak of TV commercials, the smarmy voice of corporate patronizing. It's ruining Bagley's life and terrifying his wife, but as the film swiftly, and wickedly, reveals, the bully on his neck is an advertising genius.

And Mr. Robinson, whose script is etched in corrosive bile, is an incisive satirist. His blistering skills bring to mind Billy Wilder on an ether binge or, closer to home, the director's friend, cartoonist Ralph Steadman of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" fame.

Not much of what's said in "Advertising" is printable here, and often Mr. Grant's Brit-inflected, Mach 5 cadences are too fast for Yank ears to snag. Nonetheless, it's a tour-de-force performance, especially once the boil begins to assert itself.

Rollicking through to its logical, over-the-top finale, the film conflates the existential dread of Kafka's "Metamorphosis" with the ad-world spoof of Frank Tashlin's Madison Avenue comedy, "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?" Mr. Robinson slams his message home with the vitriolic cheek of vintage Monty Python, but adds his own savage spin. He's nervy enough to celebrate the glamorization of boils and cue up William Blake's "Jerusalem" as the party music.

In Country

`In Country' Impact Due More to War's Lasting Hurt Than to Drama Itself
Film Review

DATE: September 29, 1989
PUBLICATION: The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution
EDITION: The Atlanta Journal Constitution
PAGE: D/11

Movie review: In Country. A drama. Starring Emily Lloyd and Bruce Willis. Directed by Norman Jewison. Rated R for language, violence, sexual situations. At metro area theaters. In Country. A drama. Starring Emily Lloyd and Bruce Willis. Directed by Norman Jewison. Rated R for language, violence, sexual situations. At metro area theaters.

By Steve Dollar Film Critic

A girl's own story, the drama that unfolds throughout "In Country" conflates the teen anxieties of a dozen coming-of-age sagas with something more gravely, and permanently, traumatic. As 17-year-old Sam Hughes (Emily Lloyd) jogs past the junkyards and diners of tiny Hopewell, Ky., her blond curls bouncing to the beat on her Walkman, Bruce Springsteen chimes in, a Greek chorus in blue denim.

"Hey little girl is your Daddy home?/ Did he go away and leave you all alone?" The song hints at something sexual, but in Sam's case, it's poignantly matter-of-fact. Not yet born when her father, a peach-fuzzed soldier, died in Vietnam, Sam's grown up as the daughter of a cipher, a shadow, a ghost. Bursting at the seams with life, she's surrounded by death - or, rather, the diminished expectations of the local men who survived the war and came home weirded out and blown away.

Adapted from Bobbie Ann Mason's 1985 novel, "In Country" reaches the screen with its themes intact. As directed by Norman Jewison, the Canadian journeyman with as many hits ("Moonstruck") as flops ("Jesus Christ Superstar"), the film could be fancifully retitled "Vietnam: The Next Generation." Yet it confronts the war as an echo whose full impact is nearly impossible to recuperate.

Sam can see its effects on her addled Uncle Emmett (Bruce Willis), a veteran who may be suffering from exposure to Agent Orange; she can gauge the way it riles Emmett's hometown war buddies into spontaneous fistfights; she can sense it through a packet of letters her father wrote her mother, now remarried and living in another town.

Still, it's just out of reach - something that propels Sam all the more.

Though inventively cast, "In Country'' remains a little distant as well. Mr. Jewison has crafted a gentle, humane drama that fairly aches in its sincere intentions, but it seems as if the loaded and volatile subject of Vietnam has caused him to pull back, soften focus. This is, above all, a nice movie; too often, its emotional punch has more to do with the powerful subject matter - the film concludes with a heart-slamming visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial - than the way Mr. Jewison shapes it. Certain theatrical impulses go astray: a misguided series of Vietnam flashbacks, for instance, and the film's final shot of birds in flight, which caps an intensely emotional sequence with the ersatz sentiment of a Kodak commercial.

What connects are the performances. Ms. Lloyd, who all but smashed up the screen as a rebellious, love-starved teen in 1986's dour-funny "Wish You Were Here," adopts a Kentucky accent to play Sam, but changes little else about her effervescent persona. She's a natural, conveying the essence of adolescent doldrums when she grouses to a girlfriend, "This town's dead without a mall!"

By turns coquettish and dead-earnest, Ms. Lloyd appears to be playing what she is, dovetailing into her character's untamed bursts of energy and stifling frustrations. And with her 100-watt smile and almond-sliver eyes, the actress commands your attention. At times, though, her accent suggests she's mastered the sound, but not the sense, of regional American dialect.

As winning as Ms. Lloyd can be, it's always apparent how much she's working. Another actress, let's say Winona Ryder, may not be capable of such an incandescently robust performance, but you wonder what nuances may be blotted out by Ms. Lloyd's natural light.

Which makes Mr. Willis's work all the more remarkable. "In Country" is not Emmett's story - the character exists as a Sphinx-like borderline nutcase, ballast to anchor Sam's helium-balloon spirit. But the actor, so sweetly understated, winds up making Emmett the heart of the film. Balding, pudgy, with a ragged Fu Manchu moustache, he stubbornly refuses to face his demons - or reconcile his sense of loss - retreating into a cocoon of eccentric behavior.

Mr. Jewison steers the actor toward tragicomedy. Emmett, after all, may be doomed by Agent Orange, but that lingering threat hardly seems as crippling as the way he's simply caved in on himself. His cohorts (a swell ensemble that includes filmdom's favorite new redneck, actor Stephen Tobolowsky) each reel from the war's aftershocks in their own way, revealed as Sam persistently makes her rounds, dredging up bits of information about what went down.

Both Sam and Emmett find what they need, at least a part of it, in the movie's climactic pilgrimage to Washington, D.C., site of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The sequence is a five-hanky spectacular, but its force is honest. Unfortunately, in terms of the film, it's a moment that can pretty much stand alone. You're not crying because of what Mr. Jewison's created, you're crying because it's the Vietnam memorial. The truth of "In Country" is not in the getting there, but the going.

Dangerous Liaisons 1960

'60s `Liaisons' Jazzy Look at Jaded Society

DATE: October 6, 1989
PUBLICATION: The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution
EDITION: The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Movie review. Dangerous Liaisons 1960. A drama. Starring Jeanne Moreau and Gerard Philipe. Directed by Roger Vadim. Not rated, sexual situations. Screening Room. Dangerous Liaisons 1960. A drama. Starring Jeanne Moreau and Gerard Philipe. Directed by Roger Vadim. Not rated, sexual situations. Screening Room.

By Steve Dollar Film Critic

Sly devil that he is, cinematic flesh-peddler Roger Vadim - the man who made Brigitte Bardot a household derriere - writes his own introduction to his swinging '60s version of "Les Liaisons Dangereuses."

Dragging from a cigarette, the director saunters onto an empty movie set and begins oozing about the sexes ("As far as I know, zere are only two.") and the oversexed: Yes, sports fans, "a new species of liberated young girl," not bound by those boring old traditional norms.

Sounding like nothing so much as a suave, pseudo-existentialist answer to Russ Meyer (grindhouse auteur of "Mudhoney" and "Vixen"), Mr. Vadim plunders the 17th-century Choderlos de Laclos novel for an art-directed ode to the jazzed and the jaded. Silken thighs, narcissistic preening, the frosty boredom of Jeanne Moreau: Ahhh, Paris, my kind of town.

The film, a scandal in France three decades ago, pops up in 1989 as a revival, cashing in on interest stirred by Stephen Frears's classy "Dangerous Liaisons" and somewhat pre-empting the winter release of "Valmont," director Milos Forman's own adaptation of the durable costume drama.

Updated to the cocktail-crazed Continent of 1960, these "Liaisons" transpire in the same ceaselessly hip party circuit as "La Dolce Vita," with chic deco living rooms the site of whispered gossip and snake-tongued come-ons. Thelonious Monk shimmers on the soundtrack, and leopard skin is very in, darling.

Tacky things up a bit, and we might be watching Hugh Hefner and the boys on "Playboy - After Dark." Much like the recent documentary "Let's Get Lost," which glanced back at the era, the film celebrates a hedonistic joyride that defined the transition between the Beat Generation '50s and the peace and love '60s. It's also a reminder of what - for a while, before Ingmar Bergman ruled on America's college campuses - made foreign movies so - ooh la la - fun.

Pleasure at others' expense is the province of Ms. Moreau - a freon femme fatale - who brings an impressive range to the Countess, more or less Mrs. Valmont, as she plots some new devilment with the hubby, played by turtlenecked smoothie Gerard Philipe.

You know the story. Only some details have been changed. Gullible Madame de T ourvel (Bardot-clone Annette Vadim, one of Mr. V.'s earlier wifies) now encounters her doom at a ski resort. She'll be proof of Mr. Valmont's theory that "there aren't impregnable citadels, only ones badly attacked."

Later, the sometime-diplomat - he's bidding for a juicy United Nations post - seduces his pouting, nubile cousin by imparting such golden nuggets of carnal knowledge as "Love is the art of helping nature."

Human nature, of course, is what finally does Valmont in. Too weak to break off his affair with Madame, he stands by helplessly as Ms. Moreau's crisply cruel Juliette dispatches a telegram, using a flowery tongue that is dutifully speed-read back to her over the phone. (It's one of the funniest bits in the movie.) As the now-feckless diplomat strives to undo his wife's fling with callow Danceny (Jean Louis Trintignant), he winds up in a fistfight, fatally bashing his head during an overheate d jazz jam session.

Never more than skin deep, "Dangerous Liaisons 1960" is enjoyable trash buffed up to a coffeetable sheen. Like Valmont's mistress, the movie's simply irresistible.

Look Who's Talking

Travolta Aside, `Talking' Evolves Into Baby Blather

DATE: October 13, 1989
PUBLICATION: The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution
EDITION: The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Look Who's Talking. A romantic comedy. Starring John Travolta and Kirstie Alley. Directed by Amy Heckerling. Rated PG-13 for language, violence, mildly off-color humor. By Steve Dollar Film Critic

Hollywood's diaper brigade marches on in "Look Who's Talking," a tiresome comedy about sex and the single mommy that deserves a more telling title: "Baby Boom-erang."

A rerun in more ways than one, the film serves up a puffy Kirstie Alley in the Diane Keaton role, playing a yuppie accountant in Manhattan whose affair with a sleazy married client (Famous Bad Actor George Segal) yields not only constant frustration but, waaaaaaaah, a little bundle of joy. Determined to assert her independence, Ms. Alley's besieged Mollie tells Mom (Olympia Dukakis, bizarrely annoying) that she was artificially inseminated. She then proceeds to cope with morning sicknes s, balloonlike maternity wear, a break with her philandering lover and the wisecracks and untoward attentions of the cabdriver (John Travolta), who scoots her to the hospital when it's time to deliver.

All along, the fetus chatters like crazy from its vantage point in Mollie's belly. (They cut to a scene of a phony-looking electronic doll, smiling and waving from the womb.) The patter seems to be an attempt to emulate Robin Williams. But the "Voice of Mikey," as the part is billed in the credits, belongs to Bruce Willis, who did pretty much the same routine in the first episode of the last season of "Moonlighting." That was the one in which Mr. Willis, portraying the unborn fruit of the show's feuding-cooing detectives, David and Maddie, engaged in free-associative banter from a uterine hot seat. Or, as the show's producers called it, "A Womb With a View."

No such wit enlivens "Look Who's Talking." The fetal-speech and toddler-talk gag is milked repeatedly - matching punch lines to every aspect of baby activity - until you're reminded of the "Lancelot Link" children's TV series. The trick there was anthropomorphic monkeys who mimicked action-adventure heroes, with lip-synchronized dialogue supplied by real human voices.

Mr. Travolta's genial James, an Italian-American palooka with a heart of warm ravioli, plays Mr. Nice Guy and part-time babysitter to Ms. Alley, a flustered Ms. Mom who doesn't realize Johnny Boy's the guy for her. That is, not until she endures a series of Blind Dates from Hell and shares a traumatic episode involving James's doddering grandpa (the redeeming Abe Vigoda) and wayward Mikey.

Strictly made-from-TV, the situations are broadly drawn and overtly hand-me-down. This extends to the casting of Mr. Travolta, who's had his head in the sand since "Perfect'' bombed.

The producers, with an eye to Tom Selleck in "Three Men and a Baby," must be counting on women flocking en masse to worship another damp-eyed hunk, turning all gooey inside at the sight of a bassinet.

But, hey, here's a morsel of charity. With so much of the movie a loud, brassy embarrassment, Mr. Travolta's easygoing performance is welcome. Whether it represents a comeback is another question. Top-billed but third-ranked in terms of screen time - after Ms. Alley and "The Voice of Mikey" - the actor appears content to simply have his dimpled chin back in action.

Such prudence whistles far above the head of director Amy Heckerling, whose reputation has steadily spiraled toward the critic's wastebin since her increasingly appreciated debut, 1982's "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." A teen genre piece with a subversive undercurrent (no visible parents, an abortion, sex jokes that rang true, Sean Penn), "Fast Times" wasn't without its requisite moments of meatball yucks, but it was easy to forgive some missteps because the movie was so smart in other ways. [NOTE: Glitch here] what she can get; or (b) she's so cynical about the whole process that she doesn't care anymore.

The occasional successes of Susan Seidelman or Euzhan Palcy aside, movies like "Look Who's Talking" are a poor comment on the status of women directors in Hollywood. They say that in an equal opportunity society, women are as free as men to become dimwitted hacks.

Tango and Cash

This `Tango' dances with two left feet

DATE: December 22, 1989
PUBLICATION: The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution
EDITION: The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Film critic, Steve Dollar, reviews "Tango and Cash." Tango and Cash. A buddy film. Starring Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell. Directed by Andrei Konchalovsky. Rated R for language, nudity, violence and drug scenes. At metro area theaters.

Steve Dollar Film critic

A $50 million weenie joke, "Tango and Cash" earns several distinct honors:

- It's the last buddy movie of the decade.

- It's the first buddy movie to recognize the influence of "Batman" - though it's sometimes hard to tell if that means the recent blockbuster or the '60s TV show.

- Sylvester Stallone (he's Tango) tries to upscale his screen image, sheathing his rippled pectorals in slick Giorgio Armani threads, but he still has a mouth like a smoked trout.

- Neither Mr. Stallone nor Kurt Russell (he's Cash), as he-man undercover cops framed and forced into the slammer, actually has a love scene - even with each other. But they do flash their bare buttocks on the way to the prison shower, where they coyly bat their eyes and make drop-the-soap jokes.

Cutting up on a recent "Arsenio Hall Show," the pair resembled nothing so much as a couple of schoolboys on the lam, burning off excess testosterone by clowning around, taking playful jabs at each other's masculinity.

Male bonding. Gosh, gets you all misty, doesn't it?

"Tango and Cash" operates on a similar formula. The movie is so utterly facetious that it's impossible to regard seriously; the plot - in which our pals meet cute, are set up, get mad and even the score with a heavily armed drug cartel - is paper-thin, never posing a plausible threat to the alternating currents of bone-crunching action and macho horseplay.

Two hunks kick butt. They crack jokes. Ooops, they're in trouble again - omigod! - they just might die! But, hey, why worry? They think it's pretty funny being lowered into tanks of water while subhuman behemoths torture them with electric cables. It's a laugh riot! After all, it's only a movie and they already know they're going to kill everybody before the last reel.

Produced by Jon Peters and Peter Guber - the men whom Sony just paid untold megabucks to run Columbia Pictures, the men who made "Batman" -"Tango and Cash" is big, stupid and a ridiculously shameful lot of fun. You may need an emergency EEG after leaving the theater, but you won't be any dizzier than Michael J. Pollard, who is one of the film's secret pleasures.

Underneath its package-deal facade (Sly! Kurt! Together again for the first t ime!) there's a wormy little B-movie trying to chew it's way through. Director Andrei Konchalovsky, who won respect for the vaguely similar buddy-slugfest "Runaway Train," walked off the set after three weeks, but not before hiring a dandy ensemble of drug-lord heavies and bug-eyed weirdos.

Jack Palance, reprising his villainry from "Batman," is a quirky kingpin whose desiccated elegance is worthy of '40s pulp fiction; Brion James, one of the nastiest men alive, is a cockney terror with a bad ponytail; Clint Howard, Ron's little brother, is a Slinky-hefting psycho; and Mr. Pollard, wearing a magnifying lens over one eye just like Rick Moranis in "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids," is a space-cadet munchkin version of "Q" from the James Bond films. He even builds Mr. Russell and Mr. Stallone their own batmobile - "an RV from hell."

That's as much subtlety as you can hope from "Tango and Cash," but, hey, I'll take it. Two seats away from me at the preview, a woman bounced in her chair and bellowed at the plasma-rich tapestry unfolding on the screen.

"Kill him!" she shouted. "Kill him again!"

Onward and upward with the arts.


DATE: March 20, 1990
PUBLICATION: The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution
EDITION: The Atlanta Constitution

The Atlanta Journal

"Lambada." A musical. Directed by Joel Silberg. Starring J. Eddie Peck and Melora Hardin. Rated PG for sexual suggestiveness. At metro area theaters. "The Forbidden Dance." A musical. Directed by Greydon Clark. Starring Laura Herring and Jeff James. Rated PG-13 for sexual suggestiveness. At metro area theaters.

Moviemakers give lambada a bum's rush

Steve Dollar Film critic

Ah, lambada! The forbidden trend.

Deep in the tropical rain forest of Hollywood, where even the sun dare not penetrate smoke-filled studio boardrooms, men with exotic names - such as Golan and Globus - have dreamed rich dreams. They've felt a stray polyrhythm slither up a Sansabelt pant leg, enflaming the loins and gripping the soul with the supple fervor of an anaconda.

That's right. They smell money!

And they're not alone. The rush to cash in on the curious non-craze that is lambada is the exploitation film's version of the 100-yard dash. As with bygone cycles of break-dance-graffiti movies and "Flashdance"/"Dirty Dancing" clones, the trick is to be the first to slap your movie on the screen, before the public gets bored with the whole idea.

There's a flaw in the theory, though. They might get bored with the movie, too.

It's the snooze button, not hips unhinged by a taboo beat, that proves irresistible in "Lambada," a Cannon Pictures quickie ushered into production so quickly that it's virtually forgotten the dance that supposedly inspired it.

Blade (rent-a-hunk J. Eddie Peck) teaches math to Beverly Hills brats by day; at night, he dons motorcycle leathers, kisses his homely wife goodnight and rumbles down to an East Los Angeles nightclub where he does . . . the lambada! However, his purpose is deceptively noble: Born of humble Chicano parents, Blade heeds a civic urge to educate the club's dance-crazy street kids.

Meanwhile, spoiled little rich girl Sandy (Melora Hardin) develops a wicked crush on her teacher and trails him to the club, where she offers to lick his sweat. Complications ensue.

Not much dancing, though. "Lambada" looks like a "Stand and Deliver" knockoff that somebody (executive producer Yoram Globus, perhaps?) decided would be a little less stale spiced with a couple of lambada references and a hint of hanky-panky.

Way cheesier, and a lot more fun, is "The Forbidden Dance," swept into theaters by Mr. Globus's former partner, Menahem Golan. Leave it to the fearless Mr. Golan and exploitation wizard Greydon Clark ("Skinheads: The Second Coming of Hate") to leap into the absurd by tapping not one, but two trends.

Yup. Lissome Princess Nisa (former Miss USA Laura Herring) is in midgrind, performing a tribal dance ritual in the steaming heart of the Amazon when - drat! - evil white men with guns and tractors plow right over her village, dispersing her people into the jungle. Being a plucky princess, Nisa flies to L.A., where she and stoic shaman Joa (Sid Haig of "Spider Baby") intend to confront a rain-forest-burning developer (Richard Lynch).

Wouldn't you know it? Joa's busted and Nisa winds up as a housemaid, patronized by Beverly Hills bigots. (Much like its competitor, "The Forbidden Dance" ex ploits class divisions and, yes, lambada-phobia. The way some folks react in these films, you'd think the dance was a Sandinista conspiracy instead of an Anglo marketing ploy.)

Poor Nisa finds an ally in Jason (Jeff James), the disco-possessed son of her snooty employers who happens upon her in the middle of a solo lambada and is smitten. (He feels that anaconda grip, too). Together, they fly in the face of convention - not to mention class snobbery and Jeff's miffed ex-girlfriend - and plot to win a dance contest. If they succeed, the pair gets to appear on national TV with Kid Creole and the Coconuts. Maybe then they can warn America about the vanishing r ain forest!

Will they make it? Or will Nisa succumb to corruption and spend empty nights on Hollywood Boulevard, billed as "Queen of the Jungle" and forced to lock hips with overweight businessmen out for cheap thrills?

Only the lambada knows.


Hare's moody `Strapless' isn't all that revealing

BYLINE: DOLLAR ,STEVE Steve Dollar Film critic STAFF
DATE: May 18, 1990
PUBLICATION: The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution
EDITION: The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Movie review on "Strapless," a drama starring Blair Brown, Bruno Ganz and Bridget Fonda, and directed by David Hare. "Strapless" A drama. Starring Blair Brown, Bruno Ganz and Bridget Fonda. Directed by David Hare. Rated R for language, sexual situations. At Tara

Much ado about Blair Brown knitting worry lines into her forehead, "Strapless" is the latest feminine character study from David Hare -another instance of the British writer-director attempting to corner the market in the sophisticated life-crisis drama.

This sort of thing can play great onstage, where a singular performance can reflect brilliantly in the footlights and draw an audience dangerously close, as moth to flame.

Onscreen, however, Mr. Hare's mood pieces (they include 1985's "Wetherby" with Vanessa Redgrave and "Plenty" with Meryl Streep) have a tendency to dither, to court vagueness even as their troubled heroines seek a difficult clarity. Say what you want about the virtues of ambiguity in art, but my biggest problem with these films is that there is, to paraphrase Gertrude Stein, no "there" there.

Instead, "Strapless" has Ms. Brown, who offers a variation on her weekly role as a bemused, indecisive woman in that post-"Annie Hall" Manhattan of hip neuroses, "The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd." If the TV show finds the actress treading a high-wire suspended between wobbly poles marked Wit and Torpor, the movie pitches her into an existential swamp, where Important Choices lay, like lifesaving branches, just within tentative reach.

As Lillian Hempel, an American physician employed at an embattled London hospital, Ms. Brown is a victim of the career-first syndrome. Her only visible rewards are the quaint digs she shares with baby sister Amy (Bridget Fonda) - a guiltless free-spirit with a thing for swarthy men on motorcycles.

On vacation in what looks like Italy, Lillian is solicited by an elegant cont inental gentleman named Raymond (Bruno Ganz, the earthbound angel of "Wings of Desire," who's obviously read the Euro-trash edition of "How To Pick Up Girls"). Refusing no for an answer, he woos Lillian over an impromptu lunch, then trails her to London when she fails to show up for an evening date. Presenting a horse as love offering, he proposes marriage; Lillian's flabbergasted . . . but charmed.

What happens next is an elliptical pas de deux in which suave mysterioso Raymond convinces Lillian to take a leap, then vanishes, leaving behind a pile of bad debt. Lillian reels, uncovers secrets and, yipes, experiences interpersonal growth. Amy, given a winning surplus of sass and vinegar by the always-sporting Ms. Fonda, becomes pregnant and elects to deliver the newborn in a hot tub, accompanied by Mozart.

The point being that you can't plan life, but you shouldn't let it steamroll past you, especially if you're an unmarried professional woman whose biological clock is winding down, poor thing. (Critics make claims for Mr. Hare's sensitive feminist credentials, but I wonder . . . )

The dilemma with writing scripts about characters who are essentially self-absorbed - as is Lillian - is that they have to grab an audience by the collar. Unlike, say, a standard genre exercise, with its prefabricated hooks to snag your attention, such a drama is constructed from the interior.

Ms. Brown, whose performance has a delicate, winsome quality, is engaging in a showcase role; too bad it showcases her treading water. (Except when she feud s with Ms. Fonda as her sibling rival; suddenly, it's a different movie.)

The flaw is the way "Strapless" has been imagined. The narrative relies on visual asides, symbolic gestures - a stranded Mercedes-Benz that Raymond offers as a gift, a dying cancer patient, a proud horse bathed in moonlight - to lend it resonance that the dialogue can only grasp at.

Mr. Hare, while obviously no Thatcherite, still represents the British film industry at its toniest. "Strapless" is a movie for coffee-table sensibilities - and decaffeinated ones at that.


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